The Research Opportunities

The MCURC initiative is meant to break new ground in terms of how scholars, foodservice experts, and business leaders interact around opportunities to advance successful food systems transformation within universities. Beyond that, MCURC works to cross-pollinate academic research that addresses the Menus of Change research agenda and that reaches beyond university communities to global opportunities for change. The MCURC is a culinary-centric initiative that seeks to bring chefs, food experts, and key academic leaders and innovators around a table of enhanced vision, dialogue, and sharing.

The study of food—whether focused on the related areas of agriculture, the environment, medicine and public health/nutrition, food science, hospitality, business, psychology, anthropology, history, political science, or law—is often siloed within academia. Furthermore, not all of these disciplines or programs within which they reside are typically engaged with the culinary and business leadership of university foodservice. Food studies programs that are emerging across the U.S. are starting to chip away at these silos. However, it is not yet standard practice for university efforts around food studies to be truly comprehensive, or thoroughly reflected in the food choices, menu development strategies, and procurement guidelines of their respective foodservice operations.

Explore the MCURC Research Vision

The Collaborative currently has three main research focus areas underway. We encourage you to read about each one in these one-page summaries:

Stay tuned as we begin to collect pilot data and share our preliminary findings.