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RC Fine Foods

Since 1972, RC Fine Foods has been a family owned and operated business focused on crafting the highest quality ingredients for the foodservice industry. These ingredients are an excellent fit for many of the principles and guidelines underlying the Menus of Change initiative: serving less meat, reducing sodium, offering more plant-based menus, developing global menu items, cutting added sugar, and focusing on flavor. In 2007, RC Fine Foods was awarded a PETA “Proggy” Award as the Best Innovator in Food Service for its Vegan GF Chicken-Flavored and Beef-Flavored Flavor Match Soup Bases – products that helped to reduce the usage of meat-based stocks for foodservice. Since that time, RC’s plant-based offering has grown to include dozens of other products.

As a family business, RC Fine Foods is committed to manufacturing products in a sustainable manner. In 2011, the company installed over 600 solar panels, solar hot water heaters, and LED lighting. RC Fine Foods now produces more than 30 percent of the electricity it requires from renewable resources, and it has reduced its carbon footprint by over 200,000 pounds per year.

Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise, RC Fine Foods manufactures over 200 products, including soup bases, sauce and gravy mixes, dressing mixes, dessert mixes, and other specialty items created to meet the growing requirements of the college and university marketplace. The Hearty Foundations category offers a wide range of products that address many of the dietary requirements and demands sought by colleges and universities: clean label, non-GMO, gluten-free, reduced and lower sodium, vegan, and more.

At RC Fine Foods, “We want to help you make it.” For more information and unique menu ideas, please visit: www.rcfinefoods.com

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