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Rich Products Corporation

Rich’s has been developing food solutions that raise the bar on quality, convenience, and e­fficiency for more than 70 years. Its delicious innovations can be found in kitchens and bakeries around the world with more than 4,000 products sold in 112 countries.

Rich’s is committed to supporting its customers’ continued success for the next 70 years. In order to do so, Rich’s is evolving their business strategy. Consumers’ expectations of food are undergoing a seismic shift and operators need offerings to meet these changing needs. In order to help their customers’ stay relevant, Rich’s is transforming their portfolio, across all categories, to include authentic and healthful solutions. Clean Label Guidelines, developed through customer and consumer feedback, serve as a guide in creating these new solutions. Rich’s also has options—like vegan, whole-grain, and gluten-free—to meet the growing demand for fresh, better-for-you, and personalized food experiences.

Rich’s is committed to keeping the finger on the pulse of the market in order to deliver innovative solutions to customers. The Menus of Change Principles of Healthy, Sustainable Menus are an important driver in shaping the future of foodservice. As Rich’s grows and evolves the business, MOC principles will guide efforts to create relevant solutions for all customers.

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