MCURC Affiliate

To empower and connect individuals outside of the official Menus of Change University Research Collaborative membership and to support the work of the MCURC, we are pleased to provide a new category of participation: MCURC Affiliate.

Whether you are a college student or university wellness coordinator, faculty member, chef, campus dining staff, or university administrator, you can get involved and act on important issues in the MCURC community, which needs your help to accelerate change. The MCURC Affiliate opportunity for participation was designed to accommodate the interest of individuals within colleges and universities without an institution-wide membership who are nonetheless inspired by the Collaborative’s mission, support the goals of the Menus of Change initiative, and wish to be part of furthering both initiatives.

As an MCURC Affiliate, you are invited to be an ambassador for the MCURC program, to take advantage of the resources on the website, and, when requested, to participate in information gathering about best practices, successes, challenges, culinary and other operational strategies, and research questions. Moreover, we’ll count on you to give us suggestions for how we can better serve and support change within the college and university sector around the vital issues embodied in the MCURC initiative. While you will not be directly involved with the development of projects or resources, you will be asked for input as resources are developed and, once released, about how the resources are being used. As such, you will be an invaluable source of feedback on materials as they take shape, and about how you are using these materials and insights on your campus or in your organization. With your help, we can capture important data and better understand the reach of the collaborative’s work. This, in turn, will help improve and accelerate the impact of this initiative.

An annual highlight of your participation as an MCURC Affiliate will be the opportunity to participate in our Annual Menus of Change University Research Collaborative Impact Survey, together with the MCURC Affiliate Self-Assessment to be completed in tandem with the survey. This will allow you to track your progress against goals tied to the Menus of Change Principles of Healthy, Sustainable Menus, as well as garner insights from the MCURC Impact Survey results completed by your college and university colleagues across the country. All results will be shared on a totally anonymous and confidential basis.

MCURC Affiliates may mention their participation in biographical information but may not list such affiliation in printed or published materials, institutional or corporate websites, or elsewhere outside of typical biographical information placements. Joining as an MCURC Affiliate does not in any way constitute an endorsement or certification of affiliate practices.

In order to become an MCURC Affiliate, please enter your name, email, title, and institution here.


You will hear from MCURC leadership when opportunities arise to share information and ideas with us, including our 2017 MCURC Annual Impact Survey.

Thank you for your commitment to advancing healthier, more sustainable menus!