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Resources for Dining Hall Collaboration

One of the MCURC’s essential goals is to increase collaboration between dining services, faculty, administrators, and other campus stakeholders. These collaborations can take many forms, and the models gathered here illustrate some of the best collaborative efforts in our member institutions. We hope that these exemplars will inspire MCURC members and others to find creative ways to advance Menus of Change principles through research and education.

The models collected and shared in this resource endeavor to

  • promote or investigate at least one of the 24 Menus of Change principles;
  • create collaborations among faculty members (or other equivalent staff/administrators), students, and dining services;
  • be replicable on other campuses.


Name Location
Kansas State University (Dietetics Senior Capstone Project) Kansas
Lebanon Valley College (E.A.T. Research Group) Pennsylvania
Lebanon Valley College (Taste Lab) Pennsylvania
Northeastern University (Blended Meatball Taste Test) Massachusetts
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Colorado

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