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American Seafoods

American Seafoods feeds the world with wild caught, sustainable, and frozen-at-sea products. A company that started with one boat in 1988 has grown to a fleet of six vessels, fishing in the Bering Sea and the North Pacific Ocean – two of the most monitored and well-managed fisheries in the world.

American Seafoods is the world’s largest at-sea processor of Wild Alaska Pollock. The experienced crew handles everything from catching and processing to packaging and freezing the catch aboard their boats, each between 250 and 350 feet in length. What’s more, they do it all within hours. This frozen-at-sea process locks in the freshness and nutrition to feed the world one of the healthiest fish on the planet. Wild Alaska Pollock is a firm, mild white fish high in protein and omega-3s and low in both fat and saturated fat. Chefs love it for its versatility, ease of cooking, and happy customers.

American Seafoods is committed to the health of the species, for current and future generations. Here are a few ways Wild Alaska Pollock remains sustainable:

  • Abundant future. Biologists and oversight councils regulate the amount of fish harvested each year, typically set around 15 percent of the population. That means for every 100 fish, 15 are harvested and 85 remain to swim and thrive. Coming from the largest Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)- certified fishery in the world, Wild Alaska Pollock is a healthy, sustainable species.

  • Low environmental impact. Green technology on American Seafoods boats means zero net fresh water usage (it’s made on each ship with desalination equipment) and the lowest carbon footprint among mainstream protein options.
  • Traceability. American Seafoods wants customers to know it pays attention to each and every fish – including each one on their plates. Every box is traceable to the exact latitude and longitude of the catch, raising the bar on quality assurance and consumer confidence. 
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