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At Barilla, people and the planet have been at the center of its way of doing business for 140 years. It does so by trying to improve every day, from the field to the table. It starts with sustainable agriculture: working side-by-side with farmers carefully choosing raw materials, to make sure that they are high quality and produced while respecting the people and the environment. Barilla also sources locally in the countries in which it produces: 80 percent of durum wheat and 100 percent of tomatoes, rye, and flour. It only chooses suppliers that share its animal welfare values, with 80 percent of its eggs coming from cage-free chickens. Barilla is committed to reducing its environmental impact. In the past five years it has reduced CO2 emissions by 23 percent and water consumption by 19 percent, and it intends to keep improving each year.

Barilla has found a match for these values and goals in the college & university dining segment, and particularly among MCURC members and leaders. The partnerships have already led to educational programs focused on the Mediterranean diet, and even a formal study with Northeastern University students looking at Barilla as a case study of a sustainability-focused business operating in the US.

For more information about Barilla’s sustainability efforts around the world, please visit www.barillacfn.com/en/

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