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Bush’s Best Beans

Bush’s Best Beans (Bush Brothers & Co.) began in 1908 as a canning facility for locally grown produce in the east Tennessee area. Since those humble beginnings, Bush’s Best has grown into the nation’s leading brand of quality canned beans. Bush’s Best is well known for its “secret family recipe” of baked beans, but its robust product portfolio includes kidney, pinto, black, great northern, and garbanzo beans, along with blackeye peas, pork & beans, and varieties with low and reduced sodium. New to Bush’s product lineup are value-added Easy Entrée bean-based products Taco Fiesta Black Beans, Cajun Red Beans, and Chili Starter.

Once known only in the Southeast, this family-owned, privately held company is now one of the foremost leaders in culinary innovation and in plant-based protein.

Bush’s Best Beans is proud to be a sponsor of the MCURC initiative and continues to advocate for more inclusion of healthy plant proteins into the diets of all people. Beans are an excellent source of fiber and folate and also provide a good source of protein and nutrients such as manganese, magnesium, copper, iron, and potassium. Bush’s Best hopes to continue sharing helpful nutritional information like this and expand upon the public knowledge of the healthfulness of the bean and pulse categories through the MCURC initiative. BushBeansFoodservice.com

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