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Diamond Crystal® Salt

Diamond Crystal® Salt, a brand of Cargill, Incorporated, is committed to the Cut the Salt principle of the Menus of Change Principles of Healthy, Sustainable Menus. By switching to Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt, chefs can use the same measurement of salt currently specified in a recipe, yet reduce sodium by up to 53 percent versus granulated salt while maintaining the same level ofsalty flavor. Up to 53 percent sodium reduction by volume is due to the hollow, crystal pyramids created by the unique Alberger process, which forms a salt shape that sticks to food better and provides a preferred salty taste versus a granulated cube in several applications. Diamond Crystal® Kosher Salt contains no additives, providing a clean, pure finish that enhances food. Finer cuts of Diamond Crystal® Salt are also available for specific applications, which can also reduce sodium by volume versus granulated salt. Diamond Crystal® Salt: A Brilliant Choice™ since 1886.

For more information, please visit www.diamondcrystalsalt.com/food-salt

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