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Naturipe Farms

Naturipe Farms is an industry leader in producing good-for-you, fresh, and value-added berries grown by dedicated farmers. Since 1917, generations of family farmers in local communities throughout North and South America have produced these berries sustainably, responsibly, and with integrity and respect. The diverse grower base and focus on innovation ensure year-round availability of “locally grown” and “in-season globally” conventional and organic berries. Collectively, the growers provide consistent and diverse seasonal berry crops, and share resources, skills, labor and knowledge. As a result, there are better farmers and in turn strengthen the local growing community.

Naturipe is committed to operating its business in a way that minimizes environmental impact and simultaneously supports its local and global communities through water conservation and biodiversity, integrated pest management, and sustainable packaging green innovations, among others.

With the wide selection, commitment to quality and food safety, year around availability and a focus on innovation, Naturipe Farms is perfectly suited to be your Total Berry Solution.

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