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New Wave Foods

New Wave Foods® is driven by both the culinary world and the environment. The mission is to protect the vitality of ocean life by producing the most delicious, sustainable, plant-based shellfish in the world. As environmentalists, New Wave Foods® understands the negative impact that shellfish farming, or fishing, has on the oceans and mangroves. Working with The Culinary Institute of America, restaurant chefs, and food scientists, the first product was developed: New Wave plant-based shrimp. With the taste and texture of real shrimp and one-for-one substitution for shrimp in any recipe, eating New Wave Shrimp™ is a deliciously easy way to have a positive global environmental impact. New Wave Shrimp™ is the first step in a line of products that will eventually include New Wave Crab™ and New Wave Lobster™. New Wave Foods®. Shellfish, evolved.™ We disrupt seafood, not oceans.™

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