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Sysco is the global leader in foodservice distribution, and its unique position requires it to operate its business sustainably and responsibly.

Sysco has identified three aspects of its business where the potential impact is greatest and the best opportunities exist to improve sustainability within its company: people, products, and planet.

Sysco’s commitments are demonstrated through long-standing programs such as continuous improvements in food safety, sustainable seafood sourcing practices, and the proven technologies in its operations that reduce the impact of the company’s carbon footprint.

Increasingly, customers need information about their food; Sysco addresses the health and nutrition of its offerings through a variety of tools, programs, education, and training that complement the Menus of Change principles. Sysco’s leaders know that their services make the difference between a good customer relationship and a great one.

To learn more about Sysco’s sustainable practices, health, and nutrition, visit www.sysco.com/corporate-social-responsibility.

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