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Truitt Family Foods

Truitt Family Foods makes Foods that Make a Difference®. Its products are culinary-driven shelf-stable, legume-based foods. It strives torevolutionize the way it thinks about satisfying nutritional needs by bridging the gap between convenience, flavor, and sustainability. It will not compromise the synergistic relationships between its ingredients, sourcing, and people. It is committed to its family of employees, partners, farmers, and consumers through honesty, collaboration, and stewardship. Truitt’s passion for clean, healthful foods is a reflection of its belief that a better food system – from process to product – is the foundation of better living. It meaningfully partners with academia, non-profits, and government on research and policy to identify systems-level solutions to major food challenges and make them a reality.

For more information, please visit www.truittfamilyfoods.com.

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