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Wild Planet Foods

Wild Planet Foods is a sustainably sourced, shelf-stable seafood producer. Since 2004 it has led the industry in consumer education regarding the importance of pole and line tuna fishing. It is now recognized as the pioneer of that category, and in March 2015 it was rated #1 by Greenpeace for sustainable tuna sourcing.

Wild Planet’s products, principles, and mission also fit nicely into multiple Menus of Change principles. Most notably that of Menu Concept Principle #1, “Be transparent about sourcing and preparation,” and Foods & Ingredients Principle #7, “Serve more kinds of seafood more often.”

In regard to Principle #1, all of Wild Planet’s products are fully visible and traceable back to the specific vessel, captain, trip dates, area of catch, and catch method. Wild Planet only participates in green rated catch methods as determined by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and is committed to responsibly harvesting the earth’s oceans.

Wild Planet also recognizes the benefit of Principle #7, serving more seafood more often. In its eyes, education is key to capitalizing on this principle, and it engages in consumer education activities that preach the benefit of eating more seafood from a nutritional standpoint as well as from an overall variety standpoint.Its education also includes tips on how to be more sustainably minded when choosing seafood as an option such as eating lower on the food chain where smaller fish species (sardines and anchovies) are much more abundant, much quicker at self replenishment, and higher in nutrients like omega-3’s.

For more information, please visit www.wildplanetfoods.com.

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