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Wismettac Asian Foods

Wismettac Asian Foods, one of the country's largest Asian foods distributors has been building a vast global network of agricultural and industrial food supply for over half a century. Today the markets have matured and the demand for Asian-style foods and ingredients are expanding throughout the mainstream of culinary delights. Diverse menus and fusion have created new opportunities for Wismettac to serve the overall marketplace. The customer’s menus are ever-changing and most importantly, the consumer expectations are as well. Consumers are taking responsibility for their health, human conditions, and the ecological impact of their food choices.

Wismettac strives to promote agile safe practices to change the company, the marketplace, and by supporting sustainable, natural, plant-forward producers with the highest regard for the welfare of their labor. Collaboration with the culinary creators of healthy, sustainable menus is driving new, delicious, Asian-style food products and ingredients to the marketplace, and adding to the trusted private brand label of Wismettac Asian Foods, Shirakiku.

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